Web Forwarding

Drive all of your traffic to your main Web page
Domain forwarding, also known as Web forwarding, allows you to redirect multiple domain names to a single Web address. Think one domain name is enough for your online business? You may be surprised to learn that you can boost your website's traffic by registering alternate versions of your primary domain name — including multiple extensions, misspellings and common typos.

Domain forwarding is simple to use and doesn't require technical expertise. Simply type in the address where you want the domain forwarded.

Domain Forwarding Features

Type in the primary Web address you wish to use for the domain name redirect. We do the rest.


Protects your brand by thwarting competitors who want to invade your space.


With our masking feature, you can use domain forwarding to redirect visitors to another Web address without them seeing a change in their browser window.


Domainmonger does not place pop-up ads on your site like other domain name forwarding services.


Forwarding multiple domain names to a single website is far more economical than creating and maintaining multiple websites. Also, domain forwarding does not require you to make changes to your current website.


By registering alternate versions of your Web address and using a domain name redirect to send traffic to your primary Web address you can potentially boost your online brand recognition and increase traffic to your site.

Domain Transfers

  1. Start the transfer with Domainmonger by going to the transfer page.

  2. Contact your current registrar to obtain an Auth/EPP Code, Unlock your domain, and turn off WHOIS Privacy

  3. Within 24 hours of the transfer initiation, we will send an email to the administrative contact listed in the domain's WHOIS database record. Respond to the email as directed with the authorization code.

  4. In 5-7 days, your transfer will be complete.