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SpamExperts Setup

To setup your email to go through the TrapSpam system, you must update your domain's MX records to:

You can manage most of TrapSpam from the Services area of your account.


In orger to change your contact email, simply press Edit Contact E-mail button (1). Afterwards, fill Primary / Administrator's Contact fields and click Save button.

TrapSpam Personal Email

On the Manage Routes page you can add and delete exchange routes for your domains. Press on Manage Routes button (2). You can add new routes simply by entering their destination and port. This is the same info you have in Outlook or AppleMail for your Outgoing/SMTP mail server. Usually, this will be something like mail.domainname.com using port of 25 or 26.
Next, confirm creation of route by clicking on Add button.

TrapSpam Troute

To add new aliases go to Manage Aliases page. Press Manage Aliases button (3). Here you can add/delete aliases of your domain. In order to add a new alias, simply type its name and press Add as shown on the screen below.

TrapSpam Alias

Log In To Panel button (4) allows you to log in to your domain's TrapSpam account.

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