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SpamExperts Getting Started

Congratulations on becoming spam free!

SpamExperts is quite easy to use and requires little to get started but there are a few things you should check and decide on. Once you have ordered your SpamExperts Anti-Spam/Virus/Malware Service there are two things you'll need to do.

How to log in to your SpamExperts Domain Admin account

  • 1. Log in to your Domainmonger account
  • 2. Select the Services option to view your serivces, and then select the SpamExperts service.
  • 3. Click on Manage next to the the SpamExperts service
  • 4. Click Log In To Panel

This will open up the SpamExperts control panel in a new window and automatically log you in as the domain level administrator.

Note: If you would prefer to always log in to SpamExperts directly you'll need to set yourself a new password from the Users Profile link at the bottom of the left hand menu. Please keep in mind that doing so will mean you cannot use the automatic login feature from your control panel anymore. The direct link to the SpamExperts control panel is http://domainmonger.trapspam.com. This is where you and your users will log in for user level access.

1. Confirm your Inbound Mail Route (Where SpamExperts should deliver your email)

  • 1. Inside of your SpamExperts Control Panel click on Edit route(s). Provisioning tries to add in the right record for you but please be sure it is correct.
  • 2. If it needs changing please use the Add route link to add in a new route.
  • 3. Once the new route is added, click the trash icon next to your old route to delete it.

Note: Domains that aren't using our new control panel's DNS option will have a route of 'changeme.example.com' automatically added which you will need to remove.

2. Update your domain name's DNS MX records

If you're not currently using our control panel's internal DNS you'll need to update your MX record with your DNS provider to:

If you're not sure where to update your MX record please let support know so we can help get you pointed in the right direction.

Once your MX record is updated, your service is activated and SpamExperts will start learning about your incoming mail and training itself. You should expect some continuous improvement as it learns about the type of mail you receive. It may also take some time for DNS to fully propagate so it is possible that not all mail will hit their filters immediately, especially if you were previously using another filtering service. You can view the email headers and look for X-Spampanel as an indication that it hit the filters.

What Next?

SpamExperts is basically ready to go after your mail records are set but there are a few things worth checking out right now:

Enabling Automatic Quarantine welcome emails

As each user is discovered and their quarantine is made, do you want them to receive a quarantine activation email and daily or weekly notification emails?

If Yes, click on Periodic User Reports and click 'Enable' to Automatically activate for all recipients. (This may be enabled by default.)

SpamExperts uses automatic discovery to create quarantines for addresses as they're discovered. Enabling automatic periodic user reports means that a Quarantine activation email will be sent to them to let them know reporting will now begin for their address and tells them how to create their account. Creating the account is basically as simple as using the forgot password link to have a temporary login sent to them so they can set a password to access their account. If you want users to receive quarantine emails with the release option, go ahead and enable the feature now.

Domain-Level Spam Notifications and Frequency

Do you want to receive domain-level reports on a regular frequency?

If yes, click on Periodic Domain Reports and ensure the box is checked. You can also select weekly and daily frequency. Weekly reports are sent on Sundays.

Filter Settings

Click on Filter Settings to adjust the Quarantine and Tag threshholds. SpamExperts has these 'optimized' for performance and recommends keeping them as as their pre-set defaults however you can adjust them here. You can also create an 'Unsure' tag so that you can see what messages they were unsure about but let through. Setting a tag is primarily useful to report such messages as Spam or Not Spam to train the system. For reference, and we thought this was amusing, if you set an unsure tag, you can expect see that tag on your quarantine summary emails.

Domain Aliases

Do you have multiple domains using the same email usernames? In the Domain Aliases section you can very easily add any alias domains you may have. After adding them here, all you need to do is update the MX record on that alias domain to mx.spamexperts.com. Domain Aliases mimic the settings and users of the primary domain so you do not have to add in users or adjust any settings. Spam quarantined for alias addresses will be listed in the reports for the parent user and likewise the user's quarantine will also contain messages for that alias address.

Domain Settings

Click on the Domain Settings section to specify your logging days and your time zone. You can also specify a From address for your notifications.

Email Restrictions

Under Email Restrictions you can block certain attachment extensions and also restrict email size to further protect your organization. You can also set a maximum Email Size Limit.

White lists and Black lists

Under Whitelist/BlackList you can specify sender and recipient blacklists and white lists. You may want wait and see how this service behaves for you before white and blacklisting domains or addresses however. Lists you may have set up with a previous anti-spam service may no longer be necessary with your new SpamExperts filtering. You can add email addresses and domains to the lists.

  • 1. Use the Sender Whitelist to enter in email addresses and domain names that you want to never block.
  • 2. Use the Recipient Whitelist to basically stop all spam filtering for one of your email addresses. This would be appropriate for address such as abuse or postmaster.
  • 3. Use the Sender Blacklist to block all mail from certain email addresses and domain names.
  • 4. Use the Recipient Blacklist to block all mail sent to one of your email addresses. However in that case cancelling that email address may also be appropriate.

How to Report Spam

SpamExperts provides multiple options for reporting spam. The Report Spam and Report Not Spam links offer a drag and drop style method for you to drag the .eml version of your email to report the status to their systems for training. There are also email Report Spam Plugins available for Outlook, Thunderbird and Mac Mail. You can download them from the links below.


Spam Quarantine

You can search through your Quarantine by Subject, Sender and Recipient. From your domain level access you'll be able to view the entire domain level quarantine. Use the Recipient option and enter in the username to narrow down to a specific user. Unfortunately results are displayed oldest first but you can re-sort to view most recent entries on top by clicking the Date column header twice. Use the envelope Action icon to the right to release a message. The message will be delivered within a few minutes to it's recipient address.


User Level Access and Accounts

Each user will can go to http://domainmonger.trapspam.com enter in their own emal address in the password reset area, and an email will be sent to them.

User accounts use the same control panel as the domain level accounts however the options are limited. Users have access to the following:

  • 1. Log Search - to view and search for all mail processed by SpamExperts and to view reasons for acceptance or quarantining
  • 2. Spam Quarantine
  • 3. Delivery Queue - If the server is having a problem delivering to your mail server it will hang out in here
  • 4. Report Spam
  • 5. Report Not Spam
  • 6. Periodic User Report - Here you can turn off reporting, change the type between html and pdf and change the frequency between daily and weekly
  • 7. Recipient Whitelist (to basically disable filtering for their address)
  • 8. User's profile - change their password.


Managing Your Users

As a domain administrator you can view the quarantine activity for all users directly from the Spam Quarantine. You can specify a recipient to view only quarantined messages for a specific user. You can also log in to your users accounts and change user passwords.

Webinterface Users

Use the Manage Email Users link to manually create new user accounts. You can also view existing users and use the drop down arrow next to each user to edit, log in as user and delete a user. The edit option allows you to change a users password.

Use the Manage Permissions link to limit features of the end users control panel.


Changing your Domain Admin level Access Password

If you want to log in to the http://domainmonger.trapspam.com control panel directly or wish to utilize the imap quarantine for the domain level account you'll need to update the domain admin password. You can do so from the User's Profile link at the bottom of left hand menu. You can also use the reset password link to have an email sent to your administrative email address. Please bear in mind that once you change the domain admin password you will no longer be able to log in through your Hostmysite control panel.

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